Sketch: Ariella

Comic #226
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As a brief intermission before the comic tomorrow, here's a sketch of my character for an upcoming Seventh Sea campaign, Ariella Chevalier.

A cold and unsmiling young noblewoman, Ariella is generally regarded as having become unhinged when she survived the "accident" that killed off the rest of her family. Her new habit of cross-dressing--often in her dead twin brother's clothes--does nothing to dispel this notion. Ariella does not particularly care. Her life is focused now, utterly devoid of the scandalous frivolity that passed her days before the incident. She now serves the needs of a secret society her bloodline has maintained deep connections with for generations, though this was unbeknownst to her until no worthier representative remained alive. Her time, her fortune, her connections, and her life are now given willingly to their ends with no provision for her own future, with only one condition:

They will unravel the secrets of her family's demise, and they will bring vengeance down upon the culprits. And, if she is still alive, the blow will be struck from her hand.

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