Inking Practice: Nimaan WIP

Comic #229
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She's not having the best of days. In fairness, the chains are her own dumb fault. I'm not inclined to share too much about this character or her worldsetting, since it's an unpublished project I'm quite serious about (this is what I work on when I'm not collaborating with Michael.) For what it's worth, this would be somewhere around chapter/issue three and Nimaan (her name may still change) is receiving a major lesson in humility.

The ink is a work in progress, practice for my technique. After trying this, I will definitely be using a brush from now on. It suits me. This was done at our booth at STRIP this weekend (the Dallas Webcomics Expo). On that note, there WILL be a comic this week! It will center around an insanely awesome quote by James O'Barr (of "The Crow" fame) from the con. With my schedule this week, though, I hesitate to try to promise an exact day. However, it is going to happen. If nothing else, I may actually have time to hammer out TWO comics this weekend and get both weeks taken care of then.

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