200: Anniversary!

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Not 200 updates (I think we are a bit over that now) but 200 comic-ish posts since we started in '09. We have had some troubles with jobs, health, sanity, you name it; but we have always tried to keep going, moving forward. Looking at the last (almost) three years, we can see how our styles have improved; writing, art, and formatting. This year we are planning on changing a few things, some of which have been already implemented. We -want- to bring forward a new project (or old project with new skin)... but most of all we want to keep on truckin, bringing all of you those things we promised. Games, characters, and humor... even when things seem stacked against us. We once again humbly thank everyone who has stuck with us, and hope to move forward with a new direction for a new year.

We could not be who we are without you all.

-Michael & Emily, and all our personae

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