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So, I was patching 1.2 for SWTOR, and I had just gotten a late invite to the D3 beta. Running the patches concurrently, I wondered just how many MMOs and Clients I could have patching at the same time. You don't see it in this image, but Steam and MoP were patching as well.

I fared better than you would think. It also occurred to me, in addition to the ones not present (APB, Champions, etc.) or previous versions/betas of the same games, I have played or beta tested quite a few since we started Complex Actions. I wish I had made my gaming a little more professional and less casual, to at least capitalize on the time and effort spent.

Most of these I don't even really play any more, except to poke them when feeling nostalgic.

Readers, you will get another update from me soon, and then new comics after that. Emily is working hard on getting some buffer for us, so look forward to that!

Uploaded by Silkspinner at 21:20 on 19 April

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