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So, here we are coming up on the much anticipated release of Diablo 3. I won't lie, I may have already been patching this thing sporadically throughout the day. My original plan had been to play it through the night, but I have a lot of professional things to take care of tomorrow which necessitate bed. I am going to stick my toe in for a few moments, maybe an hour... be DEFINITELY in bed by 3am.

On the other side of things, Silkspinner is still hard at work trying to get some things taken care of around here with some side projects, so you have to put up with periodic updates for a couple more weeks along with me from moment to moment. No worries, though... I may not know what I am doing, but what I do know how to do will make you miss Silk!

Uploaded by Talthos at 01:42 on 15 May

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