In honor of Cpl. Christopher G. Singer, USMC (deceased)

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I know for some of you, our pro-military personnel stance has always grated. I wish I could say I understood you, but I can't. The fact of the matter is, this person was family; Christopher was the son of someone I knew well, who works with my Californian father-in-law. When we were in dire straights a few years back, Greg Singer helped us out of a jam, and he was there with gifts when our daughter was born. He has always given to our family without question or hesitation, and has been a great source of inspiration and a humbling reminder of the good in people as long as I have known him. I never got to know Christopher, and this tribute is a piddling and poor attempt at honoring a fallen hero.

I also am not interested in giving WBC any press whatsoever, but these bastards are a plague on our society. Hiding behind a "church" and their cult leader's loose knowledge of the legal system, they "petition and protest" anything they think will give them attention. They are a vile cancer in our nation, and their tactics are as much terrorism as bombs in cars or suicidal zealots. I am a peaceful, non-violent man, but these folks make me wish to do harm. It was with great pride and thanks to all involved they were chased away from the ceremonies this past week.

I would like to give a particular shout out to the Patriot Guard Riders. These are a group of wonderful volunteers who believe as I do; our nation's treasures are not financial or tangible, but the hearts and souls and bodies of our nation's soldiers and their families. Also of note were the law enforcement officers and firemen who took the time to carry the motorcade, or pause and show their respect and support from the overpasses of Orange County.

We will never stop loving and giving thanks to our service members. We will always be a comic and company who takes a moment or three to show our support. All I ask is you do the same, in any way you can, or be respectful in your desire not to. Don't give in to hate and ignorant rhetoric. These are people, same as you and I, and deserve our thanks for the selfless jobs they do.

Semper Fi.

-Michael "Talthos" W.

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