More Changes to Come

Posted 23:55
Thu 23 June
by admin

Forums and the Store are on the immediate horizon for look-and-feel updates to be more in line with the new look. Also on the horizon, dynamic tagging on the comics for easier sorting for you.

IMPORTANT: If you have any bookmarks or links pointing to your favorite comics, we STRONGLY suggest you update it to the new URL (found on the Archive link). It is planned to have all the old URL's redirected to the new ones. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we believe this shift in site design is infinitely better for everyone. Please visit the forums and let us know how you're liking the new Complex Actions design! (Even if it's utterly horrid, or the bestest thing you've ever seen, we'd like to know.)

Finally, if you were one of the FABULOUS individuals who "StumbleUpon" our site, feel free to Stumble us again. This is a good chance to re-seed your favorites early. We really do look at those, and find it fascinating to see which ones people pick to Stumble!

(the Complex Actions web warlock)

[UPDATE] Due to several problems with the girls 'floating' on the screen, it's been adjusted to the background.

- Admin -
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