2012: [Insert Descriptor Here]

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Mon 02 January
by Talthos

So here we are, in 2012.

The year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese Calendar.
Wrath of the Mayans (as I like to call it), but definitely the end of their projected calendar(s).
Election Year, for the Presidential race (has it been 4 already? Wow.)
Year the Pandas come out of the Mists (but only in Azeroth.)
Year of the Jedi (or Sith, depending on how you roll.)

In reality, 2012 holds nothing too special for me. Anything I plan on doing will likely be in 2013 (just to spite the doomsayers, although part of me relishes not having to plan far ahead if the world IS going to end this year) so this year is basically just a return to the old standards: find solid work for a company that isn't run by idiots or crazies, lose some weight, get fit, spend more time with those who are important to me, write, make new friends, etc. The regular gambit of all the things I should be doing all the time, anyway.

I would love to say I am going to live like we will all die tomorrow (or in December) but then again, I want to hedge my bets. Maybe we won't get hit by that asteroid/flood/plague/rapture... maybe a time rift will open up, and we can head back to an alternate history and settle amongst giant dinosaurs in Jurassic Pangaea. Or, perhaps, Time Lords will swoop in and show us the error of our ways.

Or, maybe we need to just nut up (or tit up, to not be sexist) and make this world a better place our damn selves. Too much turmoil last year, worldwide.

2012 should be the year we put it all behind us and looked to our futures as a species on this dirtball we call home. THAT should be our resolution.

Semper Fi.

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